Halo is a litter sister to Holly. Halo is a very nice outgoing and friendly girl. She loves her walks and has a lot of fun in the bush, she loves our one on one time together and seems to be a chip off the old block! Halo will sit on my lap for as long as I will let her, just like her dad Boomer.  Halo has a very deep chest and great conformation. She is just a nice dog that we really enjoy being with. Her pre-limb results are “Good” hips and “Normal” elbows. Application# 1852481 DM result is “A” normal.


Holly is Halo’s litter sister. Their parents are Boomer and Avery. Holly has a darker face but has lightened up a bit. She has more of Boomer’s long body and dark colouring. Holly is a sweet girl, she likes to be vocal and is just kind. She loves her walks and seems to be more outgoing in the bush and I find her exploring a lot. Holly’s officail OFA’s are done and “Good” hips and “Normal” elbows. Holly’s DM results are “A” normal.

Hips # GS-100813G36F-VPI

Elbows #GS-El39310F36-VPI


Sandra Topolovnicka, better known as Andra is originally from Serbia and has a very impressive pedigree. She has an amazing temperament and is a very welcome addition to the MottoPride family. Cinder is her daughter and is turning out to be like her mom. Andra’s coloring is very impressive and I have high hopes for this girl and her future pups.

Cinder Pride

Cinder is the daughter of Sandra and she is a very fun pup! She is currently going through basic obedience training. I call her my “Smarty Pants” pup. Cinder is a lot of fun and enjoys our walks on the bush trails.


Libby is Boomer and Avery’s daughter. She is a beautiful red and black girl with the best personality. She is outgoing and is a bit of a goof ball like her dad. On our trail walks she is getting more and more confident and is running ahead nose to the ground tracking! Libby has had her 1st litter in January 2017 and she was an amazing mom! We are looking forward to more litters from this girl. OFA Prelimb is “Good” hips and “Normal” elbows. Application#1852478. Libby’s DM results are “A” normal.

Hips #GS-100812G42F-VPI

Elbows GS-EL39309F42-VPI