Meet MottoPride’s Hailey, daughter of Marshall and Holly!

She has a fun and exciting personality and makes us laugh on the daily. Hailey loves running and really enjoys the bush trails. She won’t wait for me on our walks but will notice I’m not keeping up and turns around and come to find me.

I can’t wait to see her as a mom as I know she will be fantastic!


Meet River!

River is a wonderful girl with a big heart. She is my yard buddy and is fun to be with. Her breeding is put on hold for now.

River is a black and tan female that has the most wonderful personality.

She has been pre-limbed and has “Good” hips and “Normal” elbows.


Meet Libby Pride!

Libby is now retired but will remain here with us forever.

Libby’s DM results are “A” normal.

Hips #GS-100812G42F-VPI

Elbows GS-EL39309F42-VPI


Meet London Pride! London is an absolute sweetheart of a dog. She is kind, loving and always wants to be nearby me.

Her deep red and strong black makes her an absolutely stunning shepherd. Her temperament is second to none and she gets along well with everyone. London is one of the daughters of Libby and Marshall. 

London had her 1st litter and proved to be an amazing mom and her pups were incredible! I will be repeating this breeding in 2022.

DM Free, Hips-Fair and Elbows-Normal