About MottoPride German Shepherds

Our farm is situated outside of Stony Plain, Alberta. With having 6 large German Shepherds we have 3 large pens for them. There are usually 2 dogs per pen and are switched around daily so they can get along with each other. We do have 2-3 outside with us daily when we are doing chores or having a little fun with them.

We breed for temperment and quality shepherds. Our female shepherds are from german lines while the males follow american lines. We have found over the years that breeding the 2 lines produces a slight angulated pup which are very showy and have great conformation.

All of our shepherds have nice, quiet personalities. They welcome new comers to our home with a little bark and lots of tail wagging. Being a shepherd, they are very protective over each other, ourselves and their home. The size of them are a deterant enough, we don’t need aggression in them.

Our female German shepherds are bred once a year only. We find the they bounce back far better this way and have healthier litters. When the females reach 2 years of age they are OFA’d for hips and elbows. They are registered with the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals. www.offa.org.

Food & Training

I have changed all of our adult dogs as well as the puppies to Royal Canin dog food. After much research I have found this to be a superior food. Their coats are smooth and rich looking. When cleaning up after all the dogs I also found there is less waste and that is a big deal for people who live in town. Also Royal Canin offers breed specific dog foods.

German shepherds are very intellegent animals, and train very quickly. The biggest concern for a new owner is house training their pet. I suggest once you have the pup home, take him/her outside to do their job and praise them greatly for doing it outside. Use treats if need be, but the most important thing is consistentcy. I can’t emphasize enough the importance to be consistant. If you work and you take the pup out weekday mornings to the bathroom say at 6:30, the puppy will get used to that. Then comes the weekend and you want to sleep in. Well, the pup doesn’t know the weekend has come and will likely piddle on the floor. To do the job right you have to get up at 6:30 and go for the bathroom walk. You can always go back to bed!! This applies to any type of training. If you say to the pup “Want to go for a walk?” or “Do you want a bath?” follow through with it. They do understand some of the things we say to them and anticapate the walk or dread the bath! Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, it will work if you are consistant!!